Top 30 Directors
by Sean Sloan

1. Martin Scorsese -- He makes the best films!


2. Woody Allen -- Remember, he’s box office poison for kids.


3. Alfred Hitchcock -- Why in the hell did it take like thirty years for Vertigo to be recognized as a masterpiece?  What is wrong with this world?


4. Francois Truffaut --  The 400 Blows.  Enough said.


5. Wes Anderson -- Every bit as good as Truffaut, but not in French.


6. Stanley Kubrick -- What hasn’t already been said?


7. Coen Brothers -- I’m a "Little Lebowski Urban Achiever"


8. Sam Peckinpah -- Very bloody, very very bloody.


9. Akira Kurosawa -- Remember him, the guy that George Lucas ripped off?


10. Federico Fellini -- I often don’t know what in the hell is going on in his films, but I love ‘em.


11. Sergio Leone -- No comment.


12. Richard Lester -- Yes, I’ve seen more than the Beatles films and Superman III.


13. Quentin Tarantino -- “It’s my way… or the highway!”


14. David Fincher -- He sure can make a guy feel uncomfortable.


15. Richard Linklater -- Only this guy could make the last day of high school 1976 look like so much fun.


16. Steven Spielberg -- People tell me that he has a "style."  I can’t see it, but I like his films.


17. Mel Brooks -- How could I almost forget Mel Brooks?


18. Orson Welles -- Touch of Evil is a masterpiece.


19. John Frankenheimer


20.Francis Ford Coppola -- If only for Apocalypse Now


21. Clint Eastwood


22. Billy Wilder


23. D.A. Pennebaker --His concert films rawk!!


24. Peter Jackson -- Can we discount Bad Taste?


25. George Lucas --He made at least two good films.


26. Frank Capra -- His films are so gosh-darn nice!


27. John Ford -- He made the Wild West seem so manly.


28. George Roy Hill -- Slap Shot... Butch Cassidy... The Sting!


29. Roman Polanski -- Before he fled Los Angeles.


30. Ridley Scott -- Anything pre-Thelma and Louise.

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