We Like Media's Top 50 Directors
Actually 58, but Who's Counting?

by Tommy Burton, Eric Jenkins, Jorge Hinojosa, Noby Nobriga, Sean Sloan, Rusty W. Spell, and Neola Young

We like directors around here, and we were asked to list at least thirty of our favorites to come up with this top fifty list.  Some listed more than thirty and some wrote commentary.  Click on the names below to see the individual lists we made.  This final list was made by adding all of our lists together and dividing by two (more or less).  Unlike previous lists on this cite, we didn't break ties (which is why there are more than fifty directors, even though there are fifty slots).  You may look at the masterlist for the raw data.

Tommy, Eric, Jorge, Noby, Sean, Rusty, Neola

1. Stanley Kubrick


2. David Lynch


3. Alfred Hitchcock


4. Federico Fellini


5. Werner Herzog


6. Joel and Ethan Coen


7. Martin Scorsese


8. Quentin Tarantino


9. Paul Thomas Anderson


10. Orson Welles


11. Woody Allen


12. Steven Spielberg


13. Francis Ford Coppola


14. Wes Anderson


15. Lars von Trier


16. Akira Kurosawa


17. Jean-Luc Godard


18. Frank Capra


19. Sam Raimi


20. Billy Wilder


21. Sam Peckinpah


22. Ingmar Bergman


23. George Lucas


24. Jim Jarmusch


25. Christopher Guest


26. Ridley Scott


27. Sofia Coppola


28. Krzysztof Kieslowski


29. Errol Morris


30. Walt Disney


31. Cameron Crowe / Francois Truffaut


32. Milos Forman


33. John Ford


34. Jean-Pierre Jeunet


35. John Hughes


36. Tim Burton / Michel Gondry


37. Sergio Leone


38. Peter Jackson


39. John Patrick Shanley


40. Robert Altman


41. Luis Buñuel


42. Dario Argento / Wim Winders / Edgar Wright


43. Mel Brooks / Robert Rodriguez


44. John Frankenheimer


45. John Waters


46. Pedro Almodóvar


47. Charlie Chaplin


48. Judd Apatow / D.A. Pennebaker / Roman Polanski / Robert Zemeckis


49. David Cronenberg / D.W. Griffith


50. Hal Ashby

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